Miss Purwanchal 2014 is Nemita Limbu

The latest beauty pageant “Miss Purwanchal 2014” which was the 5th edition took place in Dharan on Monday. The title was successfully bagged by a gorgeous Nepali girl “Nemita Aangbuhang Limbu” who is from Morang. At the young age of 20 she is now titled as Miss Purwanchal for the year 2014.

Miss Purwanchal 2014
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At the final round, all 15 participants were asked a question for which her answer was considered as the best and unique than other contestants. Along with the title, she was gifted with Yamaha Ray Scooty and was also able to hold the title of “Miss Public Choice” at the same event.

Nemita Aangbuhang Limbu

Profile of Miss Purwanchal 2014

Name: Nemita Aangbuhang Limbu
Birth year: 1993
Address: Rajghat, Morang
Height: 5 feet 2 inch tall
Hair color: natural black
Occupation: Student
Education: B. Sc. 3rd year
College: DMC, Damak
Hobbies: visiting new places, reading books and Nepali culture & traditions
Future plans: to become a good lecturer and an environmentalist
Awards: Miss Urlabari 2070
Language known: Nepali and English

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What Sipora Gurung will be doing on Valentine Day?

While most of the people are celebrating and expressing their love towards their beloved ones on Valentine’s Day, Sipora Gurung will be busy in running a campaign “MAYA” on this day.

No doubt, Sipora Gurung is a multi-talented beautiful Nepali girl as she is one of the participants for Miss Nepal 2013, a volleyball player at national women’s team and recently been engaging in the acting career in Nepali movie industry.

What is MAYA?

Sipora Gurung with orphan children
Sipora Gurung - Beauty for a purpose.
MAYA is a Nepali word which means love and the charity event is named after the same. Through this social campaign, the team, organizers along with Sipora Gurung will be busy in collecting donation and help for orphan children. The charity event “MAYA” is focused for helping the children who have lost their parents and who are desperately in need of love and care.

This proves that Valentine’s Day is not just a day for lovers. It is for everyone whom we feel we should care, to the human who lack love.

On the evening of the same day, a musical event will be held featuring some of the popular artists and music professionals at Paralounge Café.

Sipora Gurung states that all the money collected from this event will be donated for the welfare of the orphan community, and she would further like to thank all the supporters and managers of the event.

Image Credit: Sipora Gurung's MAYA @ ThikThak

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Miss Limbu 2014 is Merina Pomo

With the emerging beauty pageants in Nepal, the second edition of Miss Limbu 2014 was also conducted on 17th January at Rastriya Nach Ghar organized by Yakthung Youth Association. Merina Pomo who is an 18 years old teen was crowned as Miss Limbu 2014 (2070 B.S.). Along with the title, Merina was given a cash prize of Rs. 50,000.

From the total of 13 participants, Merina was able to bag the title of Miss Limbu 2014 while Dibya Chemjong and Tajeng Fago were able to be first and second runner-up respectively. The event was choreographed by the former Miss Nepal – Malvika Subba.

Miss Limbu 2014
Miss Limbu 2014 with 1st and 2nd runner up

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How to Become a Hot Guy

NepaliGirlsPhotos.blogspot.com is a website more related to Nepali Girls. Despite this fact, I know almost all of the visitors are males. For this reason, this time I would like to post an article for you guys to become a hot guy. Using the tips that is listed below will help you to be more attractive toward girls.

As I am a guy myself, I do not follow all the to-do-things for becoming hot, but want to do and practice. After all, who does not want to look attractive and glow their personality. Above all these, if you are planning to become a male model, then these tips will certainly help you.

Here you go with the tips on how to become a hot guy.

  • Do 25 sit-ups or more in the morning and repeat the same in the evening (one hour before you go to bed). A fit body is always attractive.
  • Do exercise for your arms.
  • Water is good for the skin and the body. So, drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Try to shave. Most guys look hot without facial hair.
  • Maintain a cool and clean haircut. Too long hair can cause pimples.
  • Avoid junk food. Replace it by eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Learn to play musical instruments. Girls just love it.
  • Make sure you can lift the weight of the girlfriend. So, do heavy exercise at least thrice a week.
  • Use an acne wash(if you have) to wash your face every morning and evening. Mostly, girls are attracted towards clean faced guys.
  • Use manly body wash to shower every day (if you can).
  • Do not forget to use deodorant.
  • You need to have hot personality to be a hot guy. Do not ever make fun of girls when they are embarrassed.
  • One of the hottest quality of a hot guy is to have a sincere smile with the sense of humor. So, try to maintain a gentle smile.
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Miss Teen Nepal 2013 - The Silent Event

How many of you knew when was the event for Miss Teen Nepal 2013 conducted and who won the title? I guess only few or none have the answer to this question.

Let me tell you.

Even though Miss Teen Nepal is considered as the second biggest pageant after Miss Nepal, the event passed away quietly. Only few have noticed that. Also, television and news media have not made it a priority news may be because it was held on December 31st when every one were busy in celebrating New Year's Eve for 2014. Although many blogs pre posted as when Miss Teen Nepal will be going to held, none of them has updated the later part. The day after that event, I found the news only in Nagariknews Link.

According to the news, the Miss Teen Nepal 2013 was crowned to Sambhavi Rimal who also was able to win the other title "Miss Talent and Dress" at the same event. I am afraid if I am even pronouncing the name of the winner correctly and there was no any photo of the winners posted online.

The finale was held at Rastriya Nach Ghar, Jamal that was organized by Kathmandu Jaycees (the organization that has been continuously organizing the pageant since 2002). The recent 11th edition of Miss Teen Nepal participants consists of Nepali teens who lie in the age group of 16 to 19.

Sambhavi Rimal was crowned by the former Miss Teen Nepal - Keshu Khadka.

Miss Teen Nepal 2012
Miss Teen Nepal 2012

I believe events like Miss Teen Nepal will bring positive awareness to the participants and the teens who lie in the same age group. It helps to develop confident and talents of their own and contribution to the country.
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